I help dev-teams build WebRTC systems that are robust, scalable and operationally transparent.

Hi, I'm Cameron Elliott.
I am a WebRTC developer & consultant on: reliability, STUN/TURN, live streaming.
I help software teams and organizations build scalable, robust, monitorable WebRTC systems.

I do it with a no-nonsense, open source software approach that makes it easy for teams to achieve their objectives.

The result is systems that are operationally transparent and well understood with regards to resource constraints and bottlenecks.

Why me?

My primary areas of experience are:
- Years building and deploying monitored, robust 24x7x365 video over IP systems
- Combined software development skills and dev-ops
- STUN and TURN for WebRTC
- Math modelling: Degree @ Univ. Washington: BS, Applied Computational Mathematical Sciences Cum Laude (Honors) / Data Sciences and Statistics Option

Case Study Viyo.io

Viyo.io was using Coturn for their WebRTC STUN/TURN server. They noticed that sometimes call were having quality issues, and they suspected their Turn server might be the issue. But they couldn't be sure if the TURN server was or was not the issue.

I created a system to continuously run Turn sessions at 50 TURN-packets a second (180k/hour) 24x7x365. Then by collecting the jitter, latency and loss data and using the Grafana visualization package it became possible to monitor whether the TURN server was functioning, or not, and to clearly understand when STUN/TURN server issues were affecting call quality and not.

linkVisit the live Grafana Dashboard

Want to Talk?

I always enjoy learning about the challenges facing WebRTC implementors.
Send me a note and we can discuss your project. Often a conversation alone can reveal solutions.
If you prefer email, then email me at: Cameron@ <thisdomain.com>