Today I wrote a Create React App, or CRA alternative for Esbuild

This post is just a copy of the Readme file, so there.

Here is the link:

Cam's Minimal React App

An Alternative to CRA: Create React App

  • jsx not tsx based
  • 100% Esbuild based
    • Esbuild build output
    • Esbuild dev server
  • two command:
    • npm run build to build
    • npm run start to start dev server
  • serve setup closely follows Esbuild docs docs
  • out of box working with live reload docs
  • only five files (excluding dist, and node_modules, gitignore)
    • package.json
    • package-lock.json
    • www/index.html
    • src/index.jsx
  • no babel, no webpack, no tsconfig, no eslint, no prettier, no husky, no lint-staged, no commitlint, no commitizen, no commitlint
  • Something missing, please open an issue, not a PR. Thanks!